Friday, November 6, 2009

Still Holdin On To My Top Spot

Hey Everybody, it's that time again and another week has gone by and I am still holding on to the #2 spot as SRC Records' best selling web song on the website.(click link below to view)
However I am still #1 as SRC's top rated song. (click link)
I did move up 3 spots on the R&B Best Selling Songs Chart, from #17 to #14. And remember this chart includes all other Artist from all other major labels but the big difference is they all have major label push and budgets behind them.
(Click link below to view)

I am still hopeful that my label will soon get my single "Love Don't Fail Me" feat Maino added to, iTunes and all other retail outlets for sale. I am sure that by now I am missing out on some early sales on this record; but please continue to be patient. We are still dealing with the politics of this business. If it was based strictly on talent, I would be all over the radio and performing all over the country by now. Anyway, Please Don't forget to keep calling your local radio station to request my new song. I really need your support. Until Next Time, have a great weekend!

With Love

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