Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to 2010, My Turn To Win !!

Happy New Year! Hey Everybody, I know I'm all late :-) LOL! Just feeling really blessed right now. I truly believe this is my break out year! I've got so many Great records done and have worked with so many great song writers and producers on my project that I now know that I have an incredible album and I just can't wait for the world to hear it. My manager CK & I hope to be meeting with my label this month to play and turn in my album. I want my first single to be this huge R&B Ballad called "Jaded" produced by the Lab Ratz. It's a female anthem that both men and women will be able to relate to and it showcases my vocal ability that will seperate me from any other female singer out there.. (oops did I say that out loud) LOL!

On to some Shire' news.. ok 2 weeks ago I released my Xmas Compilation CD called "Christmas 2K9 with Shire'(Sha-ray) & Friends" that featured songs from R-Kelly, Musiq Soulchild , Mary J Blige and other legendary artist and I got over 5k downloads the first week and The 2 songs from that CD that I uploaded to my, myspace page : have about 78,000 plays each! My Buzz Single feat Maino called Love Don't Fail Me is at 1.9 Million plays and my total plays are at 5.9 million. I think that's great, what do u y'all think ? Hit me back and let me know

What else .. hmm.. Oh I'm still being ambushed by France, Germany and UK platinum producers wanting me to write and record to their tracks.. They say they absolutely love my voice over there because I'm a "Real Singer" with a big voice.. hopefully i will be performing over-seas soon.

SRC/Universal Motown are y'all ready to make a lot of money this year, cause I know that I am. Let's Go ! 2010 Is Definitely My Turn To Win ! Shire' Debut Album, "Pickin Up The Pieces" coming soon! Can we say late Spring/Summer. Can we do that y'all ??

That's all for now.. Please keep calling your local radio station to request my current "buzz" song featuring Maino. I really need your support. You can always follow me on twitter at and on Facebook at

2010 is my turn TO WIN !