Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking Forward !

Hey Everybody, I just haven't been able to get focused on my Blogging since my wonderful Trip To LA and then the Thanksgiving Holiday visiting my close family and friends in Baltimore. I'm sorry for that but I'm back!! Back on my grind ! Still fighting for my love of music ! I have so much to talk about but I can't do it all in one blog ! It will have to be done over the next several days.. Let's start with the site

I am still holding on to one of the top spots. This week I am at the #4 spot as SRC Records' top songs on the lala website.(click link below to view)
However, for the 10th week in a row, I am still #1 as SRC's top rated song on the site. (click link)

On to other news, I am still pushing my "buzz" single "Love Don't Fail Me" feat Maino. I am sure that by now I've missed out on plenty of sales on this record because the response has still been amazing; but please continue to be patient. I am hopeful to still get it on lala and itunes soon. We are still dealing with the politics of this business. For example, I just did another radio interview on the Vincent Tucker radio show in Dallas, TX and they love me down there. They have been playing my record in full rotation for the past 2 months. click link to listen

Please y'all keep calling your local radio station to request my song. I really need your support. I am hoping to be doing a Xmas EP of about 6 of your favorite Xmas classic songs and servicing them out to radio in the next week or two. This is all for now.. so much more to say but I will save some for tomorrow.. Have a blessed weekend ! Oh and congrats to my labelmate Melanie Fiona for her Grammy Nomination.. next year is my turn ! Good Luck Mel



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