Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Weekend Update

Hey Everybody, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was full of surprises and more work dropped in my lap. But work is good! Back on my grind ! Music is my Life! As i said in my last Blog I have so much to talk about but I can't do it all in one blog ! I just recorded 2 smash up tempo records over the weekend produced by a very well known producer and he was in NY shopping the song to different labels, like Def Jam, Capitol, J Reords and others and people have been going crazy over it. I even sent them to my publisher Ron Moss @ Rondor/Universal and even he loves it. Yeahh!! Shout out to Ron.. thanks for the advice !!

I am now finishing up a Xmas Compilation CD (Mixtape) of my rendition of a few of my favorite Xmas songs along with a few guest appearances by some music Friends, such as Colby O'Donis, Sir Charles (New Uni/Motown Artist), Joe and others. I will have the CD available for download on this site, myspace, facebook, etc. I will be doing another mixtape at the top of next year and it will be available by Grammy weekend, and then hopefully my label will be ready to get things in order to begin supporting my record and preparing for the release of a new Single and my Album.

Let me see what else is going on...

Did u check out my new radio interview on the Vincent Tucker radio show in Dallas, TX. ? They love me down there. They have been playing my record in full rotation for the past 2 months. click link to listen http://vincenttuckerradioshow.podomatic.com/entry/2009-12-02T19_03_51-08_00

Please y'all keep calling your local radio station to request my song. I really need your support. Oh and again congrats to my label-mate Melanie Fiona for her Grammy Nomination.. Good Luck Mel.. 2010 is my turn !



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