Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look Forward To The New Year

Hey Everybody, hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I really enjoyed seeing some family and old friends but as usual I am a workaholic and I am back on my grind ! As I always say "Music is my Life!" Last Friday, I released my Xmas Compilation CD called "Christmas 2K9 with Shire'(Sha-ray) & Friends" that featured songs from R-Kelly, Musiq Soulchild , Mary J Blige and other legendary artist and I got over 5,000 downloads. The 2 songs that I uploaded to my, myspace page : have about 58,000 plays in 2weeks, which is wonderful!

I did a few more radio interviews since my last blog with a station in Greensboro, NC and Winston Salem, NC. Please go to my, myspace to hear it, its called "Radio City". They love my buzz record "Love Don't Fail Me" feat Maino down there. I also just did another 1 hour radio interview last night in Phoeniz, AZ. Shout out to my girl, J-Milly for holding me down out there. Let me see what else is going on...??

The 2 smash club records produced by the platinum producer from France that I recorded 2 weeks ago have been received very well over there and in the UK. They say they absolutely love my voice because I'm a "real Singer" and they want me to come over there to perform soon, so I am very excited about that of course. I am definitely looking forward to broadening my fan base.

Hopefully in January, my label, SRC/Universal Motown will be ready to finally get behind me and support all of my hard work and effort showing them that I am worthy of my opportunity to shine and to make them a lot of money this year! I would like to see them prepare for an "official" release of a new Single (no more leak records) and put me on the schedule to finally release my Debut Album, "Pickin Up The Pieces" which is definitely finished by the way. Can u give me a release date some time in late Spring/Summer. Can we do that y'all ??

Anyway, in the meantime, Please y'all keep calling your local radio station to request my current song featuring Maino. I really need your support. You can always follow me on twitter at shireuniversal and on Facebook at shireuniversal.

2010 is my turn TO WIN !



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