Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football has finally begun!!

I am so excited about football season.  It is truly my favorite sport.  My favorite 3 teams are the Steelers, Ravens and the Eagles. Yes that's Right I'm a Michael Vick fan!  I really would like to see Michael Vick do his thing this year and remind people who he really is and that's A Great Quarterback.  As far as the Ravens I'm cheering for new starting running back Ray Rice. I absolutely love and appreciate my friend Ray Lewis, The BEST LINEBACKER IN THE GAME!!  I would love to see them bring it all the way to the  Playoffs for sure.. And last but not least the Steelers. Well what can I say they are BEAST, 6 x's Super Bowl Champions and hey they playing tonight for the first NFL Game of the Season. Yes Football has finally begun!!

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